Thursday, July 26, 2012


In the holidays at night time I went to my grandma’s house for dinner.

When went inside the kitchen she made indian sweet call barfe . Barfe is the delicious treat that you have for a mouth freshener  or sometimes at a indian celebration. Just then my grandma showed me the best treat she made for the first time she felt very nervous because if she served it before tasting it might taste a bit mild.
                                                                                                                                                                                     But i knew that she makes the bestest sweets in my family.She showed me the one that she made and I took a bite and said "Its all goods GA." That's short for calling her grandma. After that when everyone had a bite of the delicious treat it was nice.

The next day just then my uncle said "Who wants to go to sylvia park then everyone put their hand up so when we went there we went to see the games where the cinema was just the I saw a bouncy ball game but my aunty said hey do you want watch a movie then we yes then she said what movie do want to watch then we watched ice age four my brother ,My cousin wanted to eat subway so my aunt left me in charge so she can get them a subway till then we  played  the bouncy balls then  I asked  my cousin and brother do you want to go to the movies now then they said  yeah lets go so we went inside then watch that after that  we went back home to have a rest then My dad said now it is  time to go home.

Hope you like it    `

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  1. Hi Dhara

    I sure enjoyed reading this blog post Dhara. Your grandmother sounds like an amazing cook. I do like the way you described how the food tasted.

    Thanks for sharing

    Mrs Burt


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