Friday, November 2, 2012

The day when the m,m brothers became soldiers is when they were silly  so the m,m brothers were poor but they only had a house , TV so they real names were mosa Mohammed but they realised that both their names had started by the letter M just then they heard that there was an soldier's job but they didn't have money at all but the tv said ‘ITS ALL FOR FREE’’.

After that they said “LET JOIN THE SOLDIER” .so they went to they went but before they went mohammed said
we would never quit this job not even a million years Nek Minute Oooh bumpers said mosa then out of the blues came the inspector ,said I am sargi hillerson your inspector so you can only call me hillerson not sargi .Because my mother is only and my dad he said and all the soldiers laughed so loud.

That the inspector got out his pistol and shot at the ground then the inspector said to the brothers
go and shoot something but remember to watch out for a black pitched snake it will trip you over.
If you don't look where your going you will trip  over the black pitched snake over so they went.

The brothers did not listen to him they just kept on looking cool and kept showing off their guns just then  Mosa saw a ice cream truck and forgotten what had the inspector said.  look over there it was a ice cream truck but there really wasn,t so Mosa yelled it out and  they them kept rushing
Nek Minute  they tripped.


  1. Hey Dhara,
    Love your funny story. To be honest I'm still cracking up about it! Can't wait to see your next post.

    From Jouan :)

  2. Hey Dhara
    That was really funny I love it how you rote
    every thing about it and this post has made you
    improved allot great work keep it up


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