Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The shops

In 2012 There  were new shops in the street near Pt england those shops were so empty that not even a single
person came in them to buy something like ice creams ,ice blocks or chips or anything at all . Just then one of the shop keepers thought of something to bring customers to come in to buy something but there was just one problem
the shops looked spooky and horrible then the mayor said  so you decided to leave the shops aye but but but Buts
are for sitting on you better get these spooky and horrible shop better looking or you are all FIRED HE YELLED.
Then those shopkeepers looked down and thought about how awful.

So they all  decided repair and repaint the shops then when they finished it looked all girly girl and looked at it again and said nope thats awkward  so they repaint it again and did it boystyle  but it looked so cool only hip hop people came in not normal people and they said nope that too funky so they did it but had to use and sharp scraper and scraped of the painting they did and said that was just a waste of time and worked hard so much that the sun made them sweat until finally they did it neatly and the customers said you have been working so hard. We'll come to your shop and buy something.

Just then the  mayor said great job I like your shops now since I like them I will buy something to so he brought almost everything and he thanked him and said goodbye but when something were gone  they had to close the shop and put new things in and the shops started running everything went great and that was the end

Hope you like it


  1. Hi Dhara,
    You have an awesome story. I also was very interesting. Keep it up

  2. Hi Dhara
    I like your story it is awesome and I really like it how you had put Interesting words in it keep it up


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