Monday, December 22, 2014

Cat Care part 4: Safety needs

Never let your cat our in night. Night time is the worst time for your cat to wonder outside. It is dangerous for your cat likely it can be run over when the streets are less busy as they get surprised all of the sudden they get blinded by the cars head lights and at that split second they rather make it alive or died.

Most cats fight occur at night which can result the costly abscesses. There is not greater risk of your cat being attacked by a dog at  night. In most cases we do not recommend that the people who  live on the main road and adopt a cat or kitten. The chance of your car to being injured  or maybe killed by a car is too High.

If you have a cat and your the owner of it however please keep your cat inside your house as much as possible especially when its dark at night. There will be a lot of risks to handle if you don't follow these instructions.

Cat Care part 3 : Period of adjustment

Our cat and kittens must be kept inside  for a minimum period of one month to allow adjustment to the new environment. If you have adopted a kitten it should not be allowed to go outside at all until it has finished its vaccination schedule in order to minimise the risk of picking up any disease.

Until the kitten has been de-sexed. It should not go outside for long periods of time and these outings must be supervised. This is to ensure that the kitten is big enough to defend its self against  other cats in the neighbourhood. Also doesn't risk having baby kittens and increasing  the number of unwanted cats.

At this age the cat maybe left outside during the day, but always find you cat and it back home before sundown or before night. It can be really risky for your cat to be outside and night, there are a lot more dangers to befallen into. A cat will explore the neighbourhood properties but it shouldn't be too far from home. Because if it is being properly taken care of there would be issue you wouldn't want to deal with.

See that outside trip are being built up  gradually so the it doesn't feel abandoned when you leave it home alone for days. If some reason your cat or kitten doesn't return home and its regular time then you need to go outside for a walk in the neighbour hood, calling your cats name and asking your neighbours if they have seen it any where.

Many cats get locked in sheds and garages so always checked that, before you scoot off to the neighbours asking where they have seen your cat at sight. NEVER ! chase after a disobedient or excited cats as it may run on to the road. Instead of being a brain less cat chaser try to lure your cat by getting cat food in to a bowl calling it names like if it was your child and it will approach to you slowly and walk up to you purring.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Book review: A Dog And His Girl Mysteries

Book Title: A Dog And His Girl Mysteries
Author: Jane B Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens
Reviewer: Dhara class 4
Grand total of books read this year: 4

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Sometimes it seems like Dodge a retired K-9, and Cassie his girl, cant go for a walk without sniffing out a mystery. . .

When the town eccentric, Madame LeFarge,is found dead , Dodge and Cassie know something's off - they even find themselves taking home one of her thirteen cat as a foster kitten!

But Madame's neighbors aren't the only ones who look suspicious. The residents at the senior community seem younger and more active everyday-until one of them lands in the hospital.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Maths DLO Javana and Dhara 2

Furtrue Apriation

On Wednesday 26th November team 5 had a team assembly but it was different. That day was special we had special visitors to join us, there team name was Future Aspiration. They came to our school to talk about their childhood story why should you try new things.

It all started when Mr Andrew Paterson he came here before and start to talk about a boy named Iavana Seuala, ‘Iavana is an amazing speaker, he was really good at talking in front of crowd and audience” said Mr Andrew. He showed us a little clip of him talking to an audience. It was shocking because never seen a kid my age talk so perfectly to a crowd.

After that Mr Andrew asked us ‘ have you guys know a show What Now ?” we said Yes! with excitement”. Then I want to introduce you to Mr Samuels” everybody was clapping & cheering Mr Samuels said ‘Hey everyone, I would like to tell you something very special that you wouldn't believe”, he said in the 19 something ?. He was character in a T.V show named  What Now” Mr Samuels showed us what he looked like when he was a teenager they looked funny I saw a man wearing a woman's dress. Next he tot us what To Miharo Hoki means in three languages Maori English and sign languages it means you are awesome.

After Mr Samuels`s saying next was Paula Fakalata. He started with how he got to be in that situation. He asked everyone which story he should tell us, and the options was a story of how he almost died and how he gave everything a try. Paula was a swimming gold medal the loved swimming a lot and he would visit it with his friends every day.

He won everyone competition only because he cheats in a way of how he get into the middle of the pool and he would put his feet down onto the ground and just walk all the way to the end. But the only problem was that we couldn't find the ground so he started downing and the lifeguard jumped into the pool but he past out. Later on his friends started laughing at him and is family was so terrified, but he was just happy that he lived.

After he had told us his story up next was Amelia. She has always been a huge fan of fashion, she has her won company for what she does and she sells all the clothing that she creates. The thing that got her into doing fashion is when her school had been doing a task of fashion and they had to make something out of ugly clothing that is pretty hard to sow. So she had know idea what too do so she made a dress out of blue fabric. And after that day she continued doing her creation in her own company and she still continues to do it.

Writing Sample :Friends

What are good friends, good friends are people who are there for you when you're feeling blue. Good friend are those people who stand up for you when you're down. They are the ones who encourage you to never give up in games. They are people who never lie to you. They are the peoples shoulder you lean on. Thats what Good friends are.

Keeping friendship is the most important thing about having friends. You will always have to do the same what they do for you. Respecting them, Caring for them, Cheering for them. Anything to see a smile on their face to tell you thanks for being there for me.

It is really hard and important to make friends with everyone, I’m not saying that you have to be friends with everyone just make as much as you can ,because what if your best friend you normally hang out with is not there with you at school. You will need someone to be there with or you will end up being OTL. Because when you grow up you might remember them and in surprise they might turn out to be your neighbour.

When people who look for a friend they want to see the real you and who you really are. Not someone who wants to be someone else. No that never is going to work if you want to be a friend like that. You will need to just be yourself and that person will think yes this is the kind of person I’m looking for to be my friend. But get too crazy like to over bored of yourself because who know they might change their mind.

The biggest key to have a friend is trust !. Trust goes something like this if your friend has gone through some bad things and they won't tell anyone else but you. Your trust is to never tell anyone. Because if you do tell one person you think that they are trustworthy but they are secretly not. They can cause a mess and sadly you can lose a friend.

My opinion is to never give up trying to look for friend. Because lets be honest you have been gone through those time that your friend has ditched you for another mate. Don’t cry over that they are many people just like you who trying to find their best pal to play with so stay positive and you will find you best friend.