Thursday, September 27, 2012

At The Beach

Yesterday it was going to be the school camp at school . So we all had the tents,tables,chairs
then on the first day everyone had to get there togs and goggles to go swimming in the nice warm
water so we all grabbed our goggles and wore our togs and jumped into the water everyone had made great splashes in the water. Until a great white shark haden came from the blues  swam by the shore and a adult said shark shark get out the water shark”.

Then everyone came out of the water with fear in their eyes as the shark opened it’s mouth as wide as a he could then everyone screamed very loudly that the principal  woke up in a fright just then he got out of his bed went in the shower dressed up back in his PJ'S then he went ohhh man I,m still in my blue PJ'S then he went back in the shower
and wore styling clothes and ran out the front door went down the hill and saw just kids scream then he said why are you screaming with a gasp then the kids said we we saw a shark in the water with with an big mouth. Then he saw the white shark the sharks eyes were red as a rose a big mouth as wide as a rock and and a very pointy nose as pointy as a needle then vanished into the deep.Then the kids said” now you believe us Mr Burt and said yes I do .

The next morning this time Mr Burt woke up early and had got everyone up at 1 then  said who want to kill that white shark he said and no one raised their hand no one upset no his name was alex he got all the gear and shared it with Mr Burt and started to hunt then they went on alex,s grandpa,s boat and went to sea but Mr Burt his Tuna because he loved tuna just then they saw the great white shark then the shark smelt tuna from the air and yelled I want to eat your your delicious tuna then Mr Burt said but why he said ? because I,am very hungry I had nothing last night.

So Mr Burt thought for a while and gave that tasty tuna to the shark after eating the.The shark said thank you very much
he said then he set off to sea and never return then when Mr Burt turned around he saw alex just standing there with big googly eyes just staring at the ham sandwich just then Mr Burt said “alex come on lets go back to school so they went back and told everyone what had happened os thats why never ever go without a midnight snack or you will starve .

From Dhara hope you like it.

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