Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wave Rave

Every friday me and Anamei go to the pools to have to win competitions,
races and me and Anamei  sometimes win but its always good if we have a good time
in the pools by the way last friday was amazing the people who owned the pools had
brought a new rocket but it was filled up with air.

Then the lifeguard had called us up out of the water to tell us what was going to happen
then the lifeguard said we have a new air rocket. But this is a competitions what do you
have to do is just walk all the way to the end and jump of but you only have to walk not
crawling because if you crawl all the way and make it to the end you will not get a prize.

But the challenging part is we will have to squirt water in your faces so you can fall off
but you have to have balance or you will just fall of so me and Anamei  had to thought this out
if we crawl you lose if you walk you win. So we did it like this we crawled halve way and got up
and walked all the way to the end but when everyone had a chance to win and me and Anamei
cheered for the others but there was just one problem they didn't tell us the price so we asked them what was prize.

And the prize was the penguin when I looked at the penguin and said okay. But in the penguins
hands had free passes to disneyland but this time it was a race the first one to the end of the big
pools so we went in the big pools and we were touching the wall just in case for cheating
then the lifeguard said on your marks.. get ..set.. GO .Then so we started to swim but Anamei was incredible she was coming first I was coming second so when we got to the end me and Anamei where a tie but I gave my disneyland ticket to Anamei since she was tie anyway

After that we went home because it was very late.   
hope you like my Wave Rave story

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