Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012l

For my netbook it has been challenging this year . Its been challenging because sometimes the internet to slow when a problem appears ,you have to solve what has been mixed up ,placed in wrong files
and then thats when our problem starts happening ,then you start getting nervous .

So far with my netbook I,v been searching up things using Cybersmart because when you use Cybersmart
you can tell more differences between a paper,pencil  or a netbook or an ipad if you chose to go for a paper,pencil
it might be a bit boring if you carry that on a long time .But if you chose a netbook for an example you can be creative or you can be solving problems out .Sometimes you can take the lead of something that you're interested  in.

Since I have been with my netbook I have found out some problems .so for my excuse is the screen is a bit too small to see  there's sometimes killing pages that won't disappear when your trying to get rid of, sometimes
when you try to log on it takes about 2 minutes or our webcam and sounds isn’t high quality and our netbook can be easy to break.

I would like to say thanks to Mr Burt Mrs burt Miss Tele’a and Neavin  for letting our school use netbooks.

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