Thursday, June 13, 2013

League skills

For the last 5 weeks my class has been doing league skills. On the first day we went to the hall and met our coach and her helper. She was very sporty looking. Before we started she said “Hi guys how are you today, so we’re learning to drop kick.” Drop kick is where you drop and kick the ball, with your foot facing your partner so when you kick it it goes to your partner. We spread out on 2 lines facing each other so we could kick the ball our partner. then we got into teams and had a go at a quick game.

The next skill we learnt was out on the field learning how to pass to each other. We got into groups of 7 and made a game with 1 person in the middle of a circle made of running people.
The person in the middle passes the ball to someone that is running in the circle, that person had to give it back to the person in the middle. But the second time if the person who the ball is aimed at doesn’t catch it when they supposed to then they will be out.

Our time with our coaches was great and I can’t wait to see what's coming up for league. Maybe some of the kids in our class could get into a New Zealand team.

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