Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Waitangi Treaty

Treaty of Waitangi

      In the 1840s 174 years ago there was a treaty sign by the British people and  the Maori people, it was an agreement trying to stop some of the problems  that were happening in New Zealand.

One day Queen Victoria of England had instructed to William Hobson to have  a treaty made in English translated into Maori in three months time. The day before Hobson had to present the treaty it didn't look like he was interested or cared because he hadn't even started writing it yet and didn't look like he was going to. It was finally translated from English to Maori just before all the Maori chiefs had gathered to discuss the treaty, if they should sign it or not.

                                                                                                           The Treaty talked about Participation, Partnership and Protection for the Maori people. When they all gathered together to sign the treaty, the British thought that if they would sign the treaty, they would rule over NZ. The Maoris thought that if they would sign the treaty then they would have more trade and have peace. They also thought that British will control the settlers. Somehow they started trading and it became more peaceful. But as time came on the misunderstandings lead to war.

Once William Hobson had convinced the chiefs the treaty was sent around the country for 500 other chiefs to sign. Now it is 174 year old.

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