Monday, April 7, 2014

Facts about Wetas ( article )

Wetas are creatures with six legs, but they are not ordinary legs because I thought that insects had no ears but this one does, a wetas ears are on their front knees, to feel the vibration what’s around them. Now that's crazy but that's how they are made .

When dinosaurs were in our world, the wetas were there too, thats amazing 2014 is the year we’re in and they are existing for 100 million year wow just image that your existing for 100 million year thats awesome. The Wetas were called dinosaurs when people were not there but they still existed until now.

Did you know that there are 60 species of cave-weta thats a lot of cave-wetas
they are mostly found in caves which is obvious, but they also usually found in dark places like under a house or logs. they hide in dark places because its safe for them but they need to keep a watch on other predators like rats. they can live up to seven years.

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