Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Who uses echolocation? Bats, Dolphins, Whales, Shrews, some kinds of birds and marine mammals use echolocation. These kinds of animals use echolocation to navigate their way around their environment and to try to locate their prey. When they are trying to find their prey they use a high pitched sound, when the sound ricochets back  like an echo. It tells him that he has finally found his food.

Not all marine mammals use echolocation but my favourite marine mammal which uses echolocation is the dolphins and this is how they use it. Dolphins send out a sound wave and waits for it, when the vibration comes back, it tells the dolphin where is the object and how big is it then the dolphin will search where the object is and rather eat it or ignore it.

Bats use echolocation the same way as dolphins. Most bats rely on their echolocation to find their food. Bats use echolocation by making an echo of its own and wait until it returns back. But if it is searching for it pray it goes something like this. when bats are hungry they make an echo that’s so strengthened and high pitched,that it can tell that the object it bigger or smaller if the a bat makes a echo and when it comes backs softer or louder the object is scrabbling away.

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