Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sound Writing - Dhara

If sound existence wasn’t in this world, the world would be dull and not fun. There would no music to dance or move to There wouldn't be singing, and worse, people would not be able to communicate with each other or understand.

How is sound made? Well sound can be made out of a lot of cool things like instruments. You can also make sound by singing and a lot more. Not only people like us can make sound animals, equipment and creatures also insects can make sound too. Like banging to bans together or using spoons as drumsticks and a pot for the drum.

When a hammer hits something, it sends out sound waves which vibrates the aiir molecules. These molecules go to your brains through the ear where the sound waves are converted to electrical signals

What makes sound different? When animals such as bats, marine mammals and some kinds of birds uses a high or a low pitched sound it sends a message to try and finds its prey. They don’t all have the same pitched sound it is different. Because if you use a high pitched sound the frequency vibrates more than a per second but if they use a low pitched sound the frequency vibrates less than a per second. 

If our world did not have any sound then it would be very hard to communicate with people and it can also destroy peoples amazing dreams. It would also be boring and embarrassing for people who dreams do not come true. Not only for people for animals and creatures as well.

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