Friday, August 22, 2014

article :Robin william

Today's article is going to be about Robin Williams. Robin Williams was born on 21 of July 1951 in Chicago. He died on August the 11th 2014 Tibron California. He was married to a woman Valerie Veladri until 1978-1988 (Divorced) Marsha Graces until 1989-2008 (Divorced again) and until 2011- 2014 his wife was Susan Schneider. He has three kids Zelda Rae Williams, Zanchary Pym Williams, Cody Alan williams. Robin Williams was a comedian, actor, screenwriter and a film producer.

Robin Williams Fathers name was Robin Fitzgerald and his Mothers name was Laurie McLaurin. When Robin Williams was a kid he went to a elementary school named Gorton Elementary school. He described himself a shy quiet person. Until all that changed once he reached high school Drama, he build his confidence. His friends used to recall him funny because he had build his confidence.

One day his father transferred to a Detroit. He started to live in a 40 room farm house on 20 acres. He also went to a school named Detroit Country Day School. He was actually becoming a legend he in the school's soccer team and wrestling team as well. And became class president.

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