Thursday, August 21, 2014

Diving post

For a diver to be balanced they need to know what position they are going to be in. Especially their feet it has to be on the edge of the diving-board, when they are going to dive they have to be in a angle position that is pointing straight down.

That's when they have to really concentrate and have a sharp focus. Then they jumped off the diving board when they are almost in between the pool and diving board that's when they put the arms together like a seal and get back up in the water without touching the bottom.

They do a lot of tricks when they are in the water but the difficult part about it is that they are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool or else they will be disqualified in a competition. A diver should enter the water straight without any angle, their feet balanced against the diving board, and they focused and concentrated very well.

All of their movements were cool before entering the water as they landed in the water with a minimal splash, controlling their bodies while they jumped of the diving board also they were all balancing of the edge of the diving board.

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