Thursday, May 9, 2013

My reading Reflection 1

My book is Lunchtime Rules from Go girls So far this book is about a girl call Ant short for Samantha she loves to play footy with her friends on the field. But when one of the boys act like we can do it we’re better than Ant. Ant is a horrible player when she’s not but who knows what will Ant do to make lunchtime better.

 when I read this book it took me on a journey I was invisible and I followed where Samantha went she was going to her friends they were playing Footy. and one of her friends said “oh hi there Samantha sorry we have to much people in this game“ and Samantha said oh okay its al right and I was like no she’s a liar. Then she sat down on the bench and started to crying I sat next to her and her bestie Ellie and sat on the other of her and said hey are you okay there Ant and she said” nothing I’m alright and ran away she was very upset her cheeks were very red Ellie and I went after her she went to the toilet I went through the door and and Ellie knocked on the door and said "Ant come out please I can help you" and Ant said crying "No I told you I'm okay I'm not coming out until its home time.

 I really enjoyed this book I really Can't wait what happens next its very interesting book to read.

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