Wednesday, May 15, 2013

That Day When WILL.I.AM came to our school

Last Week on ThursdayWILL.I.AM from the Black Eyed Peas came over to visit our school to give us a check. He didn't just give the check randomly is just be cause he care , believed in kids and said to us we can become creators and we can create apps ipad, iphone and everything  instead of buy it.

When we were in the hall I was very excited to meet him but kept say in my head ''don't freak out don't freak out''and I looked at Anthony and face was red and I was like "hey are you okay'' Anthony'' yea  I'm freaking out Just a little bit''me '' really ''Anthony'' okay okay Man  I just can't wait ''.

Just then I just saw 2 bodygaurds come in lots of camrea untill Mr Burt'' said hey guys I have bad news and good news the bad news is WILL.I.AM is stuck in traffic  and te good news is he gonna come is five miniuet so don't worrie ''I was a pack of sad until I erd the good news I said okay he'll come soon . when I looked around lots of camras were everywhere just then there was a performance from the year 8,7 hip hop group then WILL.I.AM 'S face had a great smile. After that Mr Burt gave a little speach but when it was WILL.I.AM'S turn to speack he telled us his story when he was a kid himself his story was very touching the best thing he said was to take care of your mum instead of leaving her alone.

After that WILL.I.AM gave a us a present a check 100,00 dallors wow that was a great big gift I was preety much surprized and it was our turn to give him a present a song I was happy what he said
that he took take of his mum plus that was a great choice to make.

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