Friday, May 17, 2013

Reading Reflection 2

TITLE:Lunchtime rules
AUTHOR: Viki steggall
DATE: Thursday 16th May

so far I have already written about this book already just only half of it so far in this book remember how she said that she isn't going to come out of the toilet until its home time
well you know that after that horrible day the next day wasn’t as usually.

The same at all
Samantha was very upset with everything here friends were happy she just felt left out then she went to the library to and sat down the old librarian Mrs Watts was going to have a baby so a reliever Miss Kay had to take care of the library now soon as Samantha went in she sat down on a sack. And sat down with a book when she looked into the book she went back in the past and she was remembering it how it was before it was much better than this.

Tears started dribbling
down Miss Kay came next to her and said” hey there are you Samantha “Samantha said”yes”Miss Kay said the one who likes to play footy all the time with her friends”. “Yes well not any more”just then she told Samantha something what people do when they come here Miss Kay said’’ to her well you see whenever a person comes in they just sit down and think about how their friends leave them when they are alone and I just help them out if they need it.”

Samantha thought to herself and said” wow I didn't know that she was that careful with kids like me I don’t think that  she could help me in this situation  of mine.’’

I can’t wait what happens next  .  .   .   . . .

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