Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dhara's review: James And The Giant Peach

Book Title: James And The Giant Peach
Author: Roald Dahl
Reviewer: (Dhara class 4
Grand total of books read this year: 4
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when he was four James Henry Trotter had a happy life. he lived in a wonderful house with his Mother and Father, near a peaceful beach. 

One day James's mother and father went London to do some shopping sudden James's found out bad news that his parent were eaten by a angry rhinoceros that had escaped from the zoo. 

He had no where to go but he just had his 2 terrible aunts aunt Sponge and aunt Spiker and I am sorry for him because they were very terrible, selfish and awful people.

Aunt Sponge looked short and fat. she had small piggy eyes, a sunken month and one of those faces that looked exactly like if had been over-boiled so she was a over-boiled cabbage

Aunt Spiker on the other hand was skinny tall and bony, She wore steel rimmed spectacles. Whenever she spoke spit will come shooting out of her small mouth.
Quote in this
James's aunts, spiker and sponge, are always calling him names. They beat him and starve him making his life a misery. If only his parents hadn't been eaten by an angry escaped rhinoceros, he wouldn't be in this mess. But one day he meets a mysterious man who give him a bag of magic crocodile tongues and so begins the adventure of his dreams

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