Friday, June 6, 2014

Walking To School In The Cold

As I woke up in a freezing morning dawn, I uncovered myself with the blanket as I did that I felt the breeze brushing past my legs arms and hands. my hands started to turned blue, my  arms and legs were covered with goose bumps.
While walking through my bedroom door I yawned very slowly and without any sound.

After that I had my shower and got changed into my uniform I checked the time it was 8:28 and ‘ OMG I still haven't had breakfast yet” I said, rushed I through my bedroom door grabbed my bag but stopped at the main door and opened it I took a step outside and I shivered.

I had no choice but to sprint to school, on the way i felt a huge breeze go fast it made my jacket flapped but then I heard thunder I tripped over and fell into the puddle it felt like this would take forever mud in face I was hungry also late “can this day get any worse.

Finally I was there it looked like i had just woke up as slowly opened the door Mrs Squires was sitting in her desk it was morning tea “Um hi ms sorry im late”
“Dhara why are you late explain now.  I could tell she was furious with anger “Im sorry miss you don't know how difficult it was for me just to get to school “Well ok this time will be a warning but next time you're on detention “Okay Mrs thank you
i will always remember this.

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