Sunday, June 8, 2014

Samoan language week

On Monday our school started this morning with not just any kind of week, Samoan week. We all came in the hall to celebrate on Monday, it just carries on until this week ends, but we don't always come to the hall otherwise that would be boring.

I was really happy about it Because when it comes to cultural celebrations, I’m always happy learn about what they do, what they wear. While walking in through hall I saw the fiafia Samoan group that performed for fiafia and the Tamaki college people that performed before the fiafia.

As I sat down there were two students three special people sitting in the front facing the school, the two students who were sitting in front was Serenity and Christian, I wasn't sure About the other visitors.

The assembly was about to begin Mr Burt started talking I was so bored finally it was time for the national anthem suddenly Mr Burt had said we are singing three anthems 2 was Samoan and the other one of course was our NZ anthem when we finished singing the anthem Mr Burt started to talk and introduced us to the visitors.

Then it was time to show the performances, the first performance were little Samoan children singing Samoan lullabies, it was cute. after that the fiafia Samoan group that performed for fiafia went on stage to perform while they were performing I realized they were singing along it was awesome.

Last but not least the Tamaki college people that performed before the fiafia performed as well. Their first performance had a lot of people and when they sang it was with pride and loud, but the second time they performed there was small amount of people who performed but it still sound the same with pride, it never gets old.

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