Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Adding Detail : Girl afraid of height

 Today our teacher Mrs Squires told us to find a paragraph in a story the she wrote and we only had to add detail.

Never in my life had I faced such a difficult challenge. I stood in front of the cargo net I felt hot.. I would never be ready for this. It was Physical Education and there was lots of equipment around. The net was something we all had to do and I needed to at least try to climb it. I was not a good climber, and never had been. I wanted to turn away. But I grabbed the net in my hands  and began to climb. I said words to encourage myself as I went. I was worried that I might get a rope burn or splinters.  I tried not to think about feeling scared of heights. I went more slowly the longer I climbed. I stopped altogether. I felt weak and there was still so far to climb.I called to the teacher that I was finished. I lowered myself down. I was thinking that I had tried my best. I still most likely cannot climb the  cargo net. But I was pleased I had tried.

Never in my life had I faced something challenging. I walked up to the front of the cargo net  and tried not to freak out. As soon as I climbed two steps on the net I kept repeating in my head trying to encourage myself Don't give up, don't give up”I take heavy breathes and carry on climbing.

I tried not to think I was afraid of heights. My heart was pounding with fear.My muscles felt weak and there was still so far to climb. My heart was filled with determination feeling like i'm going to conquer my fear and just at the split second I gave up. While I was climbing down I felt like I was never gonna get over it.

Once I got down I was frustrated and felt terrible at the same time. I had a heart full of determination but my fear got worse, I slowly dragged myself to my teacher I could hear people in class laugh I didn't care because at least I gave it a go.

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