Monday, December 22, 2014

Cat Care part 3 : Period of adjustment

Our cat and kittens must be kept inside  for a minimum period of one month to allow adjustment to the new environment. If you have adopted a kitten it should not be allowed to go outside at all until it has finished its vaccination schedule in order to minimise the risk of picking up any disease.

Until the kitten has been de-sexed. It should not go outside for long periods of time and these outings must be supervised. This is to ensure that the kitten is big enough to defend its self against  other cats in the neighbourhood. Also doesn't risk having baby kittens and increasing  the number of unwanted cats.

At this age the cat maybe left outside during the day, but always find you cat and it back home before sundown or before night. It can be really risky for your cat to be outside and night, there are a lot more dangers to befallen into. A cat will explore the neighbourhood properties but it shouldn't be too far from home. Because if it is being properly taken care of there would be issue you wouldn't want to deal with.

See that outside trip are being built up  gradually so the it doesn't feel abandoned when you leave it home alone for days. If some reason your cat or kitten doesn't return home and its regular time then you need to go outside for a walk in the neighbour hood, calling your cats name and asking your neighbours if they have seen it any where.

Many cats get locked in sheds and garages so always checked that, before you scoot off to the neighbours asking where they have seen your cat at sight. NEVER ! chase after a disobedient or excited cats as it may run on to the road. Instead of being a brain less cat chaser try to lure your cat by getting cat food in to a bowl calling it names like if it was your child and it will approach to you slowly and walk up to you purring.

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