Monday, December 1, 2014

Furtrue Apriation

On Wednesday 26th November team 5 had a team assembly but it was different. That day was special we had special visitors to join us, there team name was Future Aspiration. They came to our school to talk about their childhood story why should you try new things.

It all started when Mr Andrew Paterson he came here before and start to talk about a boy named Iavana Seuala, ‘Iavana is an amazing speaker, he was really good at talking in front of crowd and audience” said Mr Andrew. He showed us a little clip of him talking to an audience. It was shocking because never seen a kid my age talk so perfectly to a crowd.

After that Mr Andrew asked us ‘ have you guys know a show What Now ?” we said Yes! with excitement”. Then I want to introduce you to Mr Samuels” everybody was clapping & cheering Mr Samuels said ‘Hey everyone, I would like to tell you something very special that you wouldn't believe”, he said in the 19 something ?. He was character in a T.V show named  What Now” Mr Samuels showed us what he looked like when he was a teenager they looked funny I saw a man wearing a woman's dress. Next he tot us what To Miharo Hoki means in three languages Maori English and sign languages it means you are awesome.

After Mr Samuels`s saying next was Paula Fakalata. He started with how he got to be in that situation. He asked everyone which story he should tell us, and the options was a story of how he almost died and how he gave everything a try. Paula was a swimming gold medal the loved swimming a lot and he would visit it with his friends every day.

He won everyone competition only because he cheats in a way of how he get into the middle of the pool and he would put his feet down onto the ground and just walk all the way to the end. But the only problem was that we couldn't find the ground so he started downing and the lifeguard jumped into the pool but he past out. Later on his friends started laughing at him and is family was so terrified, but he was just happy that he lived.

After he had told us his story up next was Amelia. She has always been a huge fan of fashion, she has her won company for what she does and she sells all the clothing that she creates. The thing that got her into doing fashion is when her school had been doing a task of fashion and they had to make something out of ugly clothing that is pretty hard to sow. So she had know idea what too do so she made a dress out of blue fabric. And after that day she continued doing her creation in her own company and she still continues to do it.

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