Monday, December 22, 2014

Cat Care part 4: Safety needs

Never let your cat our in night. Night time is the worst time for your cat to wonder outside. It is dangerous for your cat likely it can be run over when the streets are less busy as they get surprised all of the sudden they get blinded by the cars head lights and at that split second they rather make it alive or died.

Most cats fight occur at night which can result the costly abscesses. There is not greater risk of your cat being attacked by a dog at  night. In most cases we do not recommend that the people who  live on the main road and adopt a cat or kitten. The chance of your car to being injured  or maybe killed by a car is too High.

If you have a cat and your the owner of it however please keep your cat inside your house as much as possible especially when its dark at night. There will be a lot of risks to handle if you don't follow these instructions.

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