Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Cat Who loved Chocolate

My story is about Chester the Cat. He was a spoilt cat that loved chocolate. He liked to sleep in the sun and to be the only cat in the house and also loved to sleep in the spare bed to. His owner was Tina  she loved him.

Then one day Tina's cousin Ken came over. Chester was angry because he never liked Ken. Just then Ken arrived he was glad Chester hid under the table frightened. Next Ken came inside and sat on the spare bed. Chester called him a bed-stealer. Later on Tina's mum made Chocolate brownies  for Ken and Tina once they ate the chocolate brownies they left. Chester looked in the tin if there was left-overs butter tin was empty.

Chester was frustrated. Later on Tina and Ken went in the garden they were looking for snails and worms. Chester came outside with them. Just then it started to rain Tina and Ken ran inside and Ken locked the cat door poor Chester was all wet and soaked.After the rain Tina opened the door and said ' Oh no. Chester your all wet"

 Chester meowed Tina grabbed him and used the dryer and made him all fluffy he wasn't happy she combed him fur. Later Tina's mum called them in the dining room. Once they were in the dining room she offered them hot chocolate. But when Ken took a sip of the hot chocolate he felt sick.
Chester was happy and glad when Ken felt sick

 Then he drank his hot chocolate and was sick and was about to threw up. He ran into the bathroom and threw up  and came out Chester was about to laugh but he didn't Ken told Tina that he wanted to go home and she told her mum and her mum dropped him off.

Chester is a very greedy cat that he won't let anyone have chocolate but he won't his owner eating it well only a little bit though . . . . . .


  1. Hey Dhara,
    I really liked your post about the Chester Cat. It's very interesting to know how the the feels and what a lucky cat he is. Any ways my cat recently passed unfortunately, thats why I like this post because always reminds me of him.
    KEEP IT UP!!
    From Jorja

  2. no worries and sorry for your cat


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