Monday, December 16, 2013

Farewell 2013

I would love to say that I have enjoyed being in room 19 because I had an amazing, fun teacher to be with this year. My teacher is so cool I bet the students in team 5 wanted to be in her class.  Team 5 is the years 7 and 8 group at Pt England School. I have made some friends but mostly I do random stuff alone like sitting and watch people play handball

So next year the year eights are not going to be here, and they are going college. I would like say farewell to Andrea because she has been an amazing leader.  She can be caring but I don't play with her that much, but she is really a fun person to be with.  Some friends of mine have been really caring for me and I am really going to miss what they have done for me this year.

I am really going to miss Miss Tito she is a really awesome teacher to learn and have fun with, she can get annoyed with some people easily.  Miss Tito really likes art like me. I really was not expecting that but I was really glad about it.  I hope I will be able to invited her over for a fireworks day one day.

For next year I am looking forward I hope I will be with a teacher who is interested in art and does creative things like making new thing from around the world.  Also I am looking forward to seeing how many new friends I will be making and how it is going to be like to be an year 8.

In 2013 I have learnt so much from my teacher I don't want to leave the class.  It's been a year already and it only feels like a week. 

In the future I will come back and visit this place and might even be come a teacher.

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