Monday, December 30, 2013

Movie I watched about Katrina Kaif, Aamir khan called named Doom 3 part 2

So I have already made a post about Movie I watched about Katrina Kaif, Aamir khan called named Doom 3 part 1 so this is the part 2.

So Sahir has became an robber and has been robing a boss named Anderson he shut down The Great
Indian Circus forever which was Sahir papas circus, and now Sahir has taken revenge on Anderson.
After the day he robbed Anderson's bank. Now he came back to his childhood place where he mostly
spend his whole childhood, when he got there he said ' I'm home papa" after saying that he can see
himself as a child he touched him and he vanished into dust and tears started to roll down his cheeks.

Then the very next day Sahir Gather his gang and said  'OK we are going to my all place and work
in my papas circus" then they audition girls to be the only girl in the performance then out came Aliyah she wanted to audition then Sahir said ' OK you want to audition fine then I will give you 2 minutes but I'm not keeping my eyes off you " the she said ' OK " then she started to dance and every time she danced, she kept taking off her clothes, and at the end of the dance all she had on herself was a sports bra and shorts on and her leg was on Sahirs shoulder then he said ' wow your in " then he got off his seat and went.

Then India there were 2 top cops came to the place were Sahir was and they went to Anderson's bank to help him, so the 2 cops came in Anderson's office and had a discussion about the robber, and one of the top cop said ' ok so if you want to catch this robber of yours then you have to make him robe again " then Sahir went on his news for any clues what are they going to do with this robber which he is, so he is watching it and the top cop is saying 'if we are going to catch this robber then we are going to make him robe again, and anyways if the robber is that smart I bet he doesn't know what ? He is going against" this made Sahir angry and then he came up with a plan and went to Anderson's bank to meet the cop on his TV.

Once he got there he came straight to his office and waited, then he came and said 'who are you and why are you here get out !" Sahir replied ' Hello sorry I just came in here with out permission, I just came to help you about the robber that your looking for, and to solve that I am the robber, well I'm not the robber but I know who is" the cop ' who is the robber ?" Sahir ' The robber is Quiet Charlie he was a good friend of
mine, Quiet Charlie and I worked in the circus I still do but He ditched me, So after Sahir telling this to the cop, the cop said 'ok you can help us but you have to be honest every time and thank you for sharing that" said the cop then he said 'so I will see you tomorrow at 2:00 ok" Sahir 'ok" and Sahir went away with a grin on his face.

After a week Sahir made the plan for his robbery and he knows where the guards are and where the money is and the plan is ready  now Sahir has tricked them because now he knows where the money is, and he is going to throw money through each window and let everyone in the city to grab the money and keep it, Anderson will have to shut down his bank and community forever and they will never rise up again . . . . . .

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