Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Day At Action World

On Friday December the 6, the whole of team 5 went to Henderson Action World for a trip, I went with my buddy mya, she is really kind friend of mine who likes to be on her phone all the time. So after a while we all got on the bus and sat with mya I was really excited of how it was going to be like when we get there.

Since there was nothing to do Miss V said ‘ since there is nothing to do let see who can get the most waves from people that are outside the bus not your friends’’ so then the challenge started everybody on the bus was really pumped up and over bored a bit just then a truck went past,  

There was a cute dog in the truck it looked adorable, then everybody on the bus started to scream and waved with huge smile on their faces, and he waved back it just got crazy, its when ever someone waves at you and they wave back they go crazy,

Once that was over we reached action, we met our instructor I forgot what his name was, but he told us the rule’s, so the rules were before you go and play on anything you have to take off your shoes and socks, second you don’t go in until the person gets off and then you go.

On the first object I went on the climbing wall, I went well but I kept falling off next was the jungle bars when you see people do it, it looked really easy but when we do it , its really scary it like falling while you have fainted,Third was the slide and jump, it was really fun I didn’t experienced the jump because it looked lame but the slide was way better, we had to take a sack to sit on before we can slide, it was really steep I felt like I was in a roller coaster.

Finally it was time to go back with our class in lines and we went back on the bus I was so exhausted my legs were aching but I was happy once we reached school we played sleeping lions Which was comforting.

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