Saturday, December 28, 2013

My 2 favorite Indian Celebrity

What up my visitors and today I'm going to be telling you about my 2 favorite actress. My first a man called Amir khan and the other actress  is a girl Katrina Kaif they have made a movie together called doom 3, so I have made a post about that but it have to publish that so make sure you check that out.

The first celebrity that I am going to be talking about is Amir khan, Amir khan was born in 1965 on
March the 14 like my dad but his one is on December. His is 1.68 ,is 48 years old and he has got abbs he looks really young because, I thought that he was in his 20s but I found out that he was in his 40s
well what do you know I'm ok with that.  He has four children , three sons and one daughter the three sons names are Azad Rao Khan, Junaid Khan, Jaan Harry Hines, and the daughters name is Ira khan
The reason he is my favorite celebrity is because he has a really cute face and he has an awesome personality.

Katrina Kaif is also a actor and to notice a beautiful model but a British one she looks British but she is Indian. She was born on 16 July 1983 and is 30 years old, Katrina Kaif had an amazing modeling
career and still has. Her only parent she has his her beloved mother, well she had a dad named Mohammed Kaif but her mother divorced him because he did something wrong, but that time  Katrina was really young. The reason she is my favorite celebrity is because she is not a married
woman and she is fit with a amazing modeling career.

So that was it my beautiful visitors and make sure you check out my post about the movie I watched about these 2 amazing people it's really emotional but had a lot wowing and action moments as well
So thank you for reading my post. 

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