Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Best Netbook Reflection

My net-book has been so much better, than last year its faster, I don’t have to close it and turn it on if my mouse doesn't work, I have discovered to how file my docs presentations folders in other ways. It has helped be in things that I didn't know before and my weaknesses  Something my teacher has taught me how to put in a tick in my class check-lists, because I would ask people but no one would help me, but finally I had got help from my teacher and learnt it. 

Also I have learn't is is to be a purple cow, it mean's think outside of your leaning box, but not in a bad way,it just means to stand out from the rest and stay positive. No other teacher has said that to me well some have but they don't really mean it

I haven’t learn that much, but I have to keep remembering my speech mark after when someone in the story has said something, also I have discovered to how use caps lock in two, ways but instead of using caps lock all the time, I can press shift plus d = a capital D.

My friend Andrea is a really good proof-reader And I'm not that good at it but now I am she taught me how to use exclamation mark, speech marks, question marks, after certain sentences I did know all these before, but I didn't know where to put them ?.
I have helped some people where to find site’s, helping with some spelling mistakes, how to put in ticks in check-lists when they forget how, how to copy and paste all those thing like that.

I can manage myself, sometimes I think randomly when I'm not in the mood of thinking but its really bad for me, I like to participate in performances, games and sports a little bit but not all because I'm sometimes shy.

I also had a friend Hope but she left the school, which was really sad to hear, but she taught me how to post a presentation on your blog, and this was not expected,even Miss Tito forgot how to do that, so you have to make a post open with a title, and you just have to copy, the link and back to your post and paste it, you can put in detail and publish it.

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