Saturday, July 20, 2013

All About My Best Friend Jouan

My BEST friend Jouan is from the Philippines and loves chocolate. The first time I met her is when I was in room 16 I said hi to her and asked what her name was because that how you know their like then we became friends. One day she saw me eat a donut then came near me and said 'can I please have some friend with a grin" I replied 'NO WAY I'm hungry' then we started to fight ' please" 'No" ' please" 'No" ' please" 'No" 'please" Okay then fine gosh.

The next day our teacher Mr S [short for Mr Somerville] called us up to do jobs for him. Jouan and I always used to finish our tasks off at the right time well sometimes. So Mr S called us and said 'hey there girls can please laminate these important papers for me" we replied 'sure Mr S" when we started I knew that Jouan wanted to laminate the papers and so did I. So I had to put one paper in one pocket and give it to Jouan to laminate after  laminating the papers Mr S was very happy we finished it on time just before morning tea .

Mr S said to us 'now I know that you two are reliable whenever I call you guys can get straight onto laminating or just do little jobs for me okay" Jouan and I were very happy to hear this and went Mr S left but the wired thing was that Jouan said 'oh yeah now I'm Mr Somerville's pet" I said 'what ? " she said 'ooh I mean as a student" I said 'but that's wired okay never mind "just then the bell rang. It was time for morning tea Jouan wanted me to be a librarian just like her.

Once we finish our morning tea Jouan took me to the library and that's when I met Mrs favalle to boss of the  library. Jouan said if you wan to enter the library and be in the that little room  you have to be a  librarian so I asked before I can enter. Then she asked me few question but our helper of the library was Mrs Mitchell. She was the best helper in the library we used have meetings about our jobs and places where to clean,fix books and put them in the right places.

Jouan and I always came to the library to do our own jobs but it suddenly it was Mrs Mitchell's last day and gave us a favorite box full of chocolates and a letter. She said to us and the others 'thank you for having me here you've all done a great job" it was sad then she left our boss told us that our new helper was Mrs fiesta. we were happy then our friend Saadiya left to change that's when we had shared lunch and she gave me and Jouan a band saying 'best friends  forever" and left.

This year my best friend Jouan has gone to Aussie and I feel so sad but she said she has skype to be in touch so i can talk to her whenever she is online she has always been there for me at school and never broke any promises and Secerts and was the best like my friend Anamei  . . . . .


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