Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Day At Choir Day 2

My  third day at choir was great but. Yesterday Mrs Lagitupu had sent the band and the choir if any of you are available to perform this Saturday. So I called my mum to come with me. Once I came out with my mum I saw Hosanna my friend from choir. Hosanna is a better singer than me to be honest. So I said and up ahead I saw Henry and I said 'Hera what are you doing I thought you were with Mrs Lagitupu class ? ".
After that my mum was talking to long with Mrs Lagitupu. I really got bored just then Hosanna called me and said ' hey come here look star-fords phone he forgot to take it home. Next finally finished talking and Mrs Lagitupu said to us ' okay so now we are in here let me hear you guys sing so Hosanna Henry and I thought of singing little mix wings and we sang it after we sang she liked it. She replied ' wow you guys have awesome voices.
Next she said ' okay do you guys know how I send that message to you's  and I said that we are going to perform  this Saturday ". Once she said that she said that we are going to perform at Tamaki collage I was like ' OMG that's so cool " so Mrs Lagitupu  said 'okay now we have to choose our song that we are going sing on stage so what song are we going to sing ? " I said 'we'll we can sing little mix because we know the whole song". 
Just then Mrs Lagitupu said ' hey can we sing titanium Henry said no then Mrs Lagitupu said yes because I herd I you singing on the field. Hosanna and I started to laugh and so did Mrs Lagitupu  and Henry just sat there and said ' ok fine but just stop laughing gosh " so we stopped but when we started Henry was fine but me and Hosanna were very high and it sounded horrible at the end we laughed so much and then Mrs Lagitupu said ' okay Lets not do this song it will be embarrassing trust me " just then Henry said can we sing I don't want to talk about it by Rod Stewart Mrs Lagitupu said oh my god that is my favorite song.
Before we started to sing it she asked if any of us knew the song I said ' sorry but I don't know this song" Hosanna said no too. But Henry knew the song so it was going to be hard to learn the all the words. We first listened to it. It sounded easy slow and perfect for us to learn. Then miss M came and said ' hey guys " and she brang Sydney with her and miss m said ' so I have  Sydney with me  to help you with our song somewhere over the rainbow".

So we went in the green-screen to practice it. So miss m said to particle with Sydney but she diet know the song. So miss m had to show her the video of it so she can sing it with us. Hosanna Henry and I practiced until they were done. After that miss m said we are going to put this on P.E.N.N I said ' okay cool " then we miss m said to stand against it together. We recorded it 2 times until it was perfect. After that it was time to go home and miss m had to drop off Sydney we all came out of the green screen room and went home.

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