Friday, July 26, 2013

My Day At Choir Day 1

On the first day of choir was pretty much boring. Hosanna and Roezala were waiting for me at my shop and said 'OMG how long does it take you to get ready ? " I replied 'I'm sorry it's that I had forgot it was choir and I didn't get time to eat my breakfast ". So after that we walked and stopped at the crossing and went after that we reached there Mrs Flavalle was by the get gate just in-case some else comes in. After when we went inside we saw Mr Jacobson he was putting up a sign it said something but I forgot. So we wait and waited.

Lots of people came and went until Mr Jacobson said to us that ' Miss Muliamasealli can't come because she has to take care of her grandmother".So he said so you guys have to go home and asked if he can drop us off we replied 'no thanks ". Next Hosanna and Roezala were really upset so was I. They started to say 'what a waste of time especially during the holidays" then I replied to them' hey guy at least Mr Jacobson told us that she had to look after her grandmother so that's much more important for her but I still wish that she could tell us that in the first place but all good "

After that we sat on the bench and talked for a while and walked through the the trees and sat there me and Roezala were talking so much that hosanna was looking around and screamed and me and Roezala and I got a fright. I asked 'what happen hosanna ?"he said look over there at that house on the window we looked and it was scary it was a skinny dog it was just staring at us I was scared because it didn't move at all and it looked like a human too.

Next I looked at it very closely well not to close then it barked and kept on looking at us. I looked at hosanna he looked very scared then I got up and said to them 'hey guys do you want go now because so I'm gonna have nightmares".On my way Hosanna said to me that he is was going home now and said bye and Roezala and I said bye. Next Roezala said to me that she can't go home because she told her that come and pick me up at 2:pm. But the choir practice has been canceled because Miss Muliamasealli had to look after her grandmother but her naan is now have to come at 2:pm.

Roezala said to me 'what should I do now ?" well I can ask my aunt that if you can call your naan she said ' okay but you ask for the phone " I replied 'okay then " so I went and asked for the phone and gave it to Roezala she rang her naan and gave the phone back to me I asked her ' what did she say to you ?" Roezala said 'she said to me that when she picks her up and drop her off at home she gonna have a hiding" I said okay but that gonna hurt really bad. the she left and said bye and I said the same to her and I went up stairs to have a snack [but a snack healthy not coke or junk food]

hope liked it

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