Monday, July 15, 2013

My Days At Wood Teck 1

So far at Technology our Teck Teacher Mr Grundie has been teaching us how to make a necklace. He told us the Instructions I have not finish mine but I have to use my sand paper to make it shine like a real one. My necklaces are sliver so are the other I'm in the top four with Mosa, Anamei, Raihan and Dhara that's me if you want to make one then here are THE Instruction .
* Look for an design.
* Practise it on a spare piece on paper.
*  Place it on a your finale designing paper.
* scribble on the back of the paper that you put your finale design
and then trace it on your piece of wood.
* Then after that you ask a parent to help you with
the cutting to cut your shape.
*once you have done that you grab two pieces of wood take out the shape
 you cut and put them on each side of your cuttin wood and rape it with a rubber band
* then gently pour melted metal you need and adult to do it for you just incase you pour on your skin.
* wait until you see brownish colour on top of your wood then slowly take out the extra wood that were on the sides.
*once you have done that just tap on it just if its hot. Slowly take it out.
* Next you just in-just it with a rubbing tool
* after that you grab sand paper and just started rubbing it flat

Sorry people I don't know the rest because that where I am to finish my necklace but don't worry. You can find out the rest on my next post.

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  1. Kia ora Dhara

    Great to see you posting during the holidays. I can't wait to see your finished jewellery piece. Are you using Pewter to make your Jewellery?

    I would love to see the process of how to make these pieces - I wonder if you are able to take a camera next term?

    I'd like you to check your first sentence. Where is your first full stop? You have a couple of sentences within YOUR first sentence.

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays and keep posting.

    Ms T


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