Sunday, July 21, 2013

My 2 month's in India

After been off and on on planes which was tiring when we finally reached my home I was all liked 'OMG till all this time I've been begging my Dad to meet my family in India. Now here I am in my home " after put my suitcase in my room I hugged very one in the house. And said 'I'm home yes yes yes".

The next morning I saw a cow walking past and quickly asked my parents if I can make special roti [short for chappati ] and offer it to the cow. they said 'sure why not".after that I made breakfast for everyone with some help from my best aunt. I helped everyone and finished all the jobs I had to wash the clothes do the dishes sweep the floor mop the floor and making the food with extra help from my aunt. It was tough but I but I loved do the chore's in the house in India is quite fun actually.

My favourite job's I really like doing is cooking and washing the clothes. Sometimes my aunt tells me to leave it because she gets bored and lazy.When my mum see's me doing the chore's she says to me 'what are you doing let your aunt do it" I always have to replied to her 'Its okay mu I can handle this plus I'm always finished at the right time because its so easy for me and my aunt always has a sore back so I'll do it anyways" and then I just carry on.

After a couple days my mum told me ' it was the last week here" I cried so much and went to my grandma and she asked why I was cry and she cheered me up and took me to the shops and brought me a dress it was purple with green yellow,blue stripes it was beautiful. Once we came back home we had our dinner and suddenly relised that I had to make to dinner and quickly looked in the kitchen and my aunt was making curry mmm that smell smelt so good.

On Saturday It was fireworks day it was the best day ever we went to go buy some and saw some poor people begging for money I told my Dad to stop the car and asked my mum for 50 dollars but before I went to give the money my brother wanted to do the same to and gave the money to those people and I said to them 'here keep this happy Diwali " went back in the car with my brother  and brought the fireworks, went home. Once we reached home I was excited I went inside the house and got the sweets ready for some guests just in-case they ask for some sweets. We did the big ones first because they do the beautiful ones and the loudest ones.

On the last day I was a pack of sad and cried to much. I hugged everyone and said 'I will miss you's"and went to the airport with my grandma it was very harsh to leave but I had to. I hugged her and kissed her before leaving because I love her so much. So we went off and on again on the panes and after three days we called them and talked for a while. Before bed every night and we still do.

hoped you liked it

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