Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Worst day at Sylvia park

 This Morning I woke up at 9:00 am. I was so sleepy, I could not open my eyes. I didn't wanted to get up from the bed but then my brother came up to me and said 'morning sis" and I relied 'morning bro". Then suddenly he smacked me on the face and I 'said what was that for" he relied 'That's much more than before" I started to laugh and so did he. 

My mum said to me go do your brush and told my brother to finish his breakfast. Once I finished brushing my teeth, she called me in the kitchen to do the dishes and asked to have my breakfast. I obeyed her and did the same. After finishing my breakfast I played on my iPad for a minute to check the stuff. My Aunt came from work and said 'OMG you guys haven't had your shower. Don't you remember what I said last night?" We replied 'No" she said we're are going to Sylvia park to watch a movie and shop. I said 'OMG we forgot about that." Just then I went in the shower and got ready and so did my brother.

We rushed to our shop with my aunt to get our drinks.  I chose sprite, my brother chose coke and I said 'really its not good for you and" he said 'ok I will chose the same as you".we all got in the car with our drinks. I always fall asleep when my Dad drives the car its just because when I was a little baby I always will be fast asleep in my little seat, but when I don't  sleep my Dad carries me around until I fall asleep I used to grab his shirt  too while I was asleep. I don't do that anymore because I,m older now.

 Once we reached Sylvia park I said 'I love you Dad'' my brother said the same before we left because that's what I do when I leave my parents. We ran inside the theaters and brought our tickets for Monster INC University. We had 2 hours to spend and I was like I,m bored. My brother looked at me and said 'hey are you ok? we can get something to eat if you want, we can ask aunt" I hugged my brother and relied 'yea I,m fine". We had to buy some pants for my brother so we went to warehouse to buy it, also we pope  in to the Diva shop as well. I was bored when we were in the warehouse but  had alot of attraction when I went in the Diva shop The cool thing was I found earrings that said LOL,OMG and brought them.

Later then we watched the movie. My favorite part's were when at kind of in the middle of the movie when sully the big blue guy with pink patches says to the green guy ' I've haven't done anything to get a award of or anything cool in this University all I have done is catch a pig"and the part when the chubby guy has to scare the wood person and when he does it he just taps the back and just stands there with is big googly six eyes just starring and got 50/50 for the Scare competition it was funny.

We went McDonald and my aunt had brought a spice burger I looked at it and said to her 'This is not my burger" she replied 'oh yes it is " I said to her "this is not what I usually eat I only eat  Mac Chicken" my brother had the same she said 'ok I will change Kishan's [My brother] but not yours"  so I had to eat it  my brother was so sweet he kept asking me 'do you want a bite" I had to say no because it was his. Later we went in the car my brother and I started to make jokes the whole way home it was fun I came home and went to sleep.

 The most caring person during the whole day was my brother I,m so lucky to have a caring brother.

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