Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Do I Like Art ?

Why do I like art it's just because When I was a year 4 in my old school The only passion and subject of mine was drawing nothing but drawing. The reason why I like drawing is because of my Dad it was his passion too.he told me about it and drew some simple pictures and I colored them and I learned some of his awesome skills I don't remember them I wish I could but can't.

 When I was a year 5  When I changed my school which  was really really hard for me. Because I had  alot of friends there who stand up for me and all those things. I always go to their site and see some pictures of my friends and tears me up sometimes. Now I'm in Pt England school and That time I was in room 14. My Teacher was Mrs Squires she was a very nice teacher in that class I had no art to do but we had to do writing which was my favorite subject too. But the cool thing that we made which was very cool making your own pillow I painted a flower on mine.

In year 6  My teacher was Mr Somerville he was a great teacher. He liked to make jokes and made wired and funny faces which cracked up the class alot. In that class we had to do checklist's we had to hyper link links to finished task's. Art there was much more art work on. I remember on of the arts that I did in that class. It was about a Maori artist Fatu'u so what we did is use pastel and Indian ink. I drew a pukana the colors that I used are brown light,brown ,yellow,purple,red it is stapled up-side-down you can check it out in my classroom.

This year I'm a year 7 and here is great I'm so glad that I have a teacher that is interested in art like Mr Somerville and Mrs Squires. I'm not sure yet but this my teacher is Miss Tito she loves art she mostly likes art so she does art with us but only with the people who finish of their checklist you just have to put a tick and hyper link it I'm one of the people who finish task off on time lucky me and my friends got to make a koauaua it was fun and we made lots of koru.

I can't wait you will be my next teacher ? . . . . . . . . . . . .

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